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New clients - please check out the "Services" tab for location and schedule information.  If you're looking for a simple, effective solution to your pain, you owe it to yourself to try Rossiter.  Feeling IS believing!

Massage Practitioners and bodyworkers - powerful Rossiter stretches get your clients out of pain and restore mobility fast while being easy on your body.  See 

Pilates Instructors, Yoga Instructors and Athletic Trainers - take your clients beyond their limitations at every stage of their physical training, from novice to world-class.  Watch your clients soar!

Learn this amazing technique in a two day 16 CE class.  Check out Rossiter Stretching, call me with questions, or schedule a demo so you can feel (and believe!) for yourself.
Rossiter Stretching 2020 Class Schedule

Learn techniques to quickly (and EASILY!) eliminate aches and pains throughout he body, including the head, neck, shoulders, low back, hips, elbows, hands, fingers, knees, ankles, feet and toes.

By understanding the underlying cause of musculoskeletal pain and stress in the body for all types of clients (general public, athletes, musicians, artists, factory workers, computer workers, seniors, teens, coaches, trainers, etc), you'll quickly see how Rossiter restores the mobility and comfort that has been lost in the everyday lives of our clients, friends and family.

Receive instruction in an interactive, lively, fun environment, with step-by-step instruction, streaming videos, personal coaching, practice and refinement of each technique.  Class fee includes a digital PDF that includes step-by-step photo instruction and written instruction on each technique that you'll learn.

As you experience and practice each Rossiter technique with a fellow student, you'll learn how to deliver the techniques to a partner, and experience how it feels to undergo Rossiter System workouts on your own body.  You'll be amazed and delighted.  Feeling IS believing!

Learn superior body mechanics for manipulating others' tissue by using your feet (rather than your vulnerable hands and upper body) to anchor clients' tissue in place while the client executes deep, powerful stretches "from the inside out."

Leave the workshop feeling better than you've felt in a long time…and ready to provide pain relief to most everyone.  This workshop is one of the best investments you will ever make!

You'll learn over 30 techniques to get rid of pain anywhere in the body. These techniques will transform the way you think about pain. Find a friend to take the class with you so you two can give the priceless gift of pain relief when you need it! Classes are held at 13500 Lake City Way NE, Suite 211, Seattle WA.  Dates are subject to revision.

Level 1 Teaches students a new way to think about pain and a safe, effective way to do address it.  You'll learn 35 powerful techniques that quickly loosen and elongate connective tissue.

Level 1 Classes: February 8 & 9, March 7 & 8, April 4 & 5, April 25 & 26, June 12 & 13, July 10 & 11, August 8 & 9, September 11 & 12, September 27 & 27, and October 10 & 11

Level 2 Gives you more power and more techniques

Level 2 Classes: March 28 & 29, May 30 & 31, July 25 & 26, and October 24 & 25

Level 3 Develops speed, agility and consistency

Level 3 Classes: August 22 & 23

Level 4 Builds specificity and precision

Level 4 Classes: November 14 & 15

Learn more, and register at The Rossiter System here:

Experience the power that comes from working at the source of pain - shortened connective tissue!
  • Reclaim your body and be a part of your own recovery.  
  • Improve sports performance, address old injuries, make the good better.