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Rossiter is unlike anything you've tried, and works like nothing you've tried.  Be prepared to be amazed, delighted, and pain free!
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Valerie Lescantz, LMP
Certified Advanced Rossiter Practitioner
Certified Rossiter Instructor, Levels 1 - 4
Using the foundation and principles of Rossiter Stretching, I educate people on how to address pain and restricted mobility at the source - shortened connective tissue. Rossiter simply works.

I'm an Advanced Rossiter Coach, offering Rossiter Stretching sessions in my private practice in North Seattle.  

I educate bodywork professionals and lay people in two-day Rossiter Stretching workshops, leading workshops in Levels 1 through 4. 

1977 - Albert G. Lane Technical High School (now Lane College Prep), Chicago, IL
1996 - Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle, WA
2006 - Rossiter System Advanced Coach Certification
2007 - Rossiter Stretching Instructor Certification

I look forward to educating you on the source of pain, and the fastest way to get out of it.
How did The Rossiter Stretching System originate?
Richard H. Rossiter, founder of The Rossiter System, is a college hockey athlete, former U.S. Army helicopter pilot and Advanced Certified Rolfer (connective tissue specialist).  His own journey to find relief from chronic shoulder pain led him to create The Rossiter System, a series of powerful, results-oriented two-person stretches. Rossiter's education as a Certified Advanced Rolfer and subsequent work with people in dire, serious, debilitating pain led him to develop The Rossiter System. His work has been utilized by tens of thousands of people to get out of pain.

Rossiter has written three books on his unique system of stretching to overcome pain, and has trained hundreds of people to use this work to help others.

In 2011 he was inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame, and he is a frequent exhibitor and speaker at various association meetings and state conventions throughout the U.S.  Richard Rossiter continues to create new ways to master the healing potential of the connective tissue system.